Far too long!

1 month since my last post... yikes! I've done a lot of shooting in the past 30 days, perhaps too much. I'm mostly caught up on editing now and will share a mixed batch of photos. Be sure to always click on the 'PHOTOS' link at the top of the page though since I post the majority of my photos there. 

The first photo I'm going to share with you was actually shot in April but I've really grown to fall in love with this one. I've re-edited it several times and finally came up with an edit I'm thoroughly happy with :). Just to tell you a bit about the photo, I went out for the day wanting to get a photo of this and only this: a long exposure image at an underground skytrain station. I chose Waterfront, one of the busier stations. I only managed to fire about 3 photos before translink security kindly asked me to take down my tripod as it is apparently a tripping hazard (makes sense!). Of the 3, thankfully one was exactly what I wanted.

Earlier this month I went out on a mission to shoot nothing but panoramic images and that's exactly what I did. Below is an example of one shot in Gastown but you can see more under photos > Urban & Cityscapes.

The 3rd photo was probably a pretty rare opportunity as I was at VanDusen with my girlfriend taking photos of plants and flowers when we happened to stumble across a pond on the outskirts of the gardens. Alongside the perimeter of the pond was some really tall grass riddled with baby dragonflies (aka: nymphs). Some were literally crawling out of their old carcass waiting on their wings to develop while others were almost ready for their first flight! Pretty awesome stuff nonetheless. Be sure to check out more of these guys under photos > Animals & Wildlife.

And last but not least, a teaser from the 2011 Cloverdale Rodeo. I don't normally go for the Rodeo though. I'm more of a rides and beer drinking kind of guy :P. This year I geared up tripod and all hoping to get some nice long exposures of the rides as the sun was setting. Enjoy!