Car Photoshoot was a "smash"!

...literally. :( I rushed to Waterfront Station and hopped on the seabus to Lonsdale Quay, hopped in Rob's car, got to our location and setup as quick as possible as I knew the rain was gonna hit us soon. Everything was going great! About 20 photos in I decided to add an umbrella to one of the lights because I was battling some reflections. Now here's the kicker... I thought to myself, "the wind could pick up and knock my light stand over - I better put my YongNuo speedlight on this one". Well, I was right. I should have asked Emme to hold it just incase but was too rushed to think to ask and the innevitable happened. SMASH!@# Seconds later it started to pour so I packed up and hopped in the car with only 15-20 photos :(. Surprisingly though, I got a couple keepers!