Another day with Emme snapping photos of her doing the same. All these images were shot wide open with my new favourite lens, the Sigma 35mm f/1.4. I have a pretty good feeling it won't be parting with my 7D for a long while. :)

Cypress Mountain | Vancouver, BC

About 2 weeks ago I spent a day working with Vincent Winnie Pagot scouting out locations at Cypress Mountain in hopes of finding some sick powder drops. Vincent is originally from France but has spent the past 6 years living, working and skiing his heart out in Whistler, BC (home of the 2010 Winter Olympics). We stumbled across this sweet location but it was so foggy we could barely see. I set up my camera while Vincent took the chair back up, hoping on better weather. We rolled the dice and won! The skies opened up, Vincent was feeling confident and my Trusty 7D was itching to rattle off 8 FPS. I'd love some feedback! Be sure to follow me on Facebook as well! Link is in the top right. Cheers! 

Shuswap Cilly

So I spent the long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving) at Shuswap lake with my girlfriend and her family. We rented an awesome little cottage/home on a farm right next to the home of the owners of the property. There were horses, chickens, a cat, scottie dog, 2 older German Sheppards and this adorable little German Sheppard puppy (only 10 weeks old). Her name: Cilly. That's right, Silly with a "C". Anyhow, the owners are lucky I didn't kidnap her. She was so absolutely lovable and down-right friggin' adorable. 

Bruce Bryant

Last Sunday I did a shoot with my girlfriend's younger brother, Bruce Bryant @ SFU. He's not your average 17 year old. Bruce battled cancer at a very young age with all odds against him and won. Now he's full of swag with several years experience as a hip-hop dancer. Take that, cancer!@#

Semi-tone Riot

Here are some images from last night at the Fairview Pub. One of my closest childhood friends can be seen in the first two images below. I've spent many evenings polishing off a bottle of gin with Barry while listening to him play accoustic guitar on his couch, but to see him play live was entirely different. Not that there isn't passion in him and his music when he plays in the comfort of his own home, but on stage, I suppose the rock star in him really comes out as cheesy as that sounds. =P Good times with good friends. Can't wait for the next show. 

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240sx 2JZ

Last night I spent a good 4 hours shooting cars on the North Shore. This beauty is a 240sx with a 2JZ engine swap built and tuned by owner Shawn Muskovich at Racing Greed. There are plenty more to come, so be sure to check back by clicking on the 'Photos' tab at the top and going to 'Automobiles & Transportation'. 

DH biking @ Whistler

Ever since my best friend Brad took me downhill biking at Whistler I was hooked. What an awesome sport - pure adrenaline rush like nothing else! It just made sense to me that it was the next sport I make an effort to shoot. So I did just that. Being all the way in Whistler though, I was hesitant to go all the way there just to shoot photos of random people not knowing whether or not anyone would say anything about me just walking up the mountain with no lift pass or liability waiver. Now that I'm working in Squamish, I'm already two-thirds of the way there so I brought my camera gear up last friday and went on a little adventure after work.

I was a little skeptical at first, worried someone was going to start asking questions and turn me around. To my surprise though, no one seemed to care at all. Trucks drove by, and employees on ATV's barely acknowledged me. I was careful not to get run over as I wandered around aimlessly trying to find the perfect location without having to go too far. Eventually, I made it to the end of A-Line and setup. Tons of riders would pull over, stop, and ask to see their photos. One guy who actually works for Coast Mountain Photography stopped to chat for a good 20 minutes. If you're reading this, I apologize for forgetting your name. Hit me up on facebook! Look up Ryan Mackay | Photography. I'd love to see some of your work :)

Enough babbling. Here's my favourite image of the day. Feel free to provide some feedback on this image. I posted it on the Canon forums and got tons of positive feedback although some were distracted by the strobe being in the frame. Lemme know what cha think. Cheers!

P.N.E. 2012

If you've visited my gallariy before, you've likely seen some of my previous P.N.E. photos from last year. Here are some more from this year's visit. Enjoy! :)



Celebration of Light - Brazil

This was my frist time shooting the fireworks from a vantage point higher than the beach or bridge. Thanks to my buddy Greg, I was able to shoot from the 23rd floor of his west end apartment. I arrive with my camera and tripod but forgot the tripod plate at home, doh! I balanced my camera on his railing and used the shutter release cable. While I'm somewhat happy with this photo, I'll be back next year twice as prepared. Enjoy. 

I'm in love!... with a beauty dish :P

So a good friend of mine lent me a 17mm f/4L T/S lens and 22" Kacey beauty dish to play with over the next week. Needless to say, I was quick to test the new toys out at a birthday party last night. Surprisingly enough though, I was way more in love with the Kacey dish than the T/S lens. I'm sure the T/S lens will amaze me too, but considering the circumstances, the dish seemed a lot more practical to put to use at the party. Enough chit chat - below are a couple examples of the gorgeous light that comes from the dish with a 30 degree grid. Back to photoshop I go. More to come...! :)

First Commercial Gig!

Thanks to my buddy Steve and his girlfriend Melissa, I landed my first commercial gig for AI Industries, a well established structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator located in Surrey, BC. They provide the structural and miscellaneous steel for various projects in Canada and the United States, including British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Alaska and Hawaii. I was hired to take photos of the facility as well as about a dozen headshots of their employees. The images can be seen at their website by clicking on the link below (Disclaimer: a few of the images on their site were not taken by me). Check it out! :)

Fastest SRT-4 in BC!

..Seriously! My buddy Jason has put a whole lot of time, money and love into this insanely fast machine. He just got it back on Wednesday night after sending it off to have the engine completely rebuilt. What used to be a sub 300 HP 2.4L 4-banger is now boasting 450+ ponies (on the heart-break dyno). Real world translation? No one knows yet :P. Last time it was at the track it ran an 11.8 second quarter mile. We're hoping for 10's this time around - granted the wheels actually hook up ;). Stay tuned!

Operation: Cloverdale

An old friend of mine asked me to come up with about a dozen images of Cloverdale for his restaurant. I spent yesterday and most of today scouting out locations and shooting whenever I saw something worthwhile. Surprisingly, coming up with a dozen images of the town I spent 25+ years living in is actually harder than I had imagined! :P I still have a lot of work cut out for me but I'll share a teaser with you for the time being. Enjoy!

An oldie but a goodie

I made this photo back in 2007 at the Celebration of Lights. I'm currently trying to find a new location for this years festival (this weekend). While trying to find a new spot, I decided to re-visit some old photos and re-edit them. Prints are always available - just contact me ;) Enjoy!

Granville Island Panoramic #2

Emme & I went for all you can eat sushi on Broadway and decided to hit up Granville Island before heading home. Glad I did because the clouds were epic (!!) and I found another point of view for my second G.I. Pano. I've already bought and assembled the 1.5" stretcher bars (5.5 ft. x 2 ft.) as home for this future canvas. I have plans to hang it in my living room unless someone is interested in buying it ;). If so, drop me a line via the contact button in the top right corner. Enjoy :) 

Alex's 370z

My buddy Alex had been asking me to take photos of his car for quite some time but my old camera was constantly in an out of the shop. Now that it's been replaced with the Canon 7D, I gave Alex a shout and we got together for a shoot. The weather wasn't ideal but we made due. I can't wait for the next sunny day! Enjoy :)

Engagement Photos

My best friend Brad asked me to shoot his engagement photos about a month ago. Naturally, I said yes (duh!). What was special about this particular shoot though was that he hadn't actually proposed yet. His wife-to-be, Mel, really had no idea it was coming. Mel is a natural in front of the camera and was under the understanding that they were gonna meet up with me on the sea wall for some photos and then go for dinner. Long story short, I was very thankful that I picked up my new camera body (Canon 7D) the day prior to this shoot because I wasn't exactly sure when he was going to drop down on one knee. With my camera set to burst mode (8 photos per second), I nailed the shot, recording every single expression as he surprised us all and popped the question. Glad I could be there for ya buddy ;) Enjoy!


First off, huge thanks to Douglas Stanley with Dreamwave Media Inc. for providing me with another awesome opportunity and nice little get away. What was supposed to be a whale watching trip turned into anything but a whale watching trip. Apparently gray whales are bottom feeders and only come up for air every 5 minutes or so. Additionally, they very rarely breach so photo ops were slim to none. I was working with a Pentax body and Sigma 50-500mm as well as a Canon body with the 70-200 f/2.8 IS II. That aside, we had a couple gorgeous sunsets followed up by a misty morning on long beach. Check out the photos and feel free to comment! Enjoy :)